Celina Chew

Celina Chew

President of Bayer Group Greater China, Chairman of Bayer (China)

Since 1 September 2014, Celina Chew has been the President of Bayer GroupGreater China and Chairman of Bayer (China) Limited. In addition to her otherresponsibilities, Celina Chew is also a member of Bayer’s global Digital ExcellenceCouncil.

She joined the Bayer Greater China Legal Department in 1997 and assumed theposition of Head of Legal for Bayer in Greater China in 1998. Prior to her assignmentat Bayer, she spent 8 years working as a lawyer at international law firms.During her term as Head of Legal from 1998 to 2011, Celina Chew provided legalsupport to the Bayer Group of companies in relation to investments and operations inGreater China, and was also a member of the Bayer (China) Ltd. Corporate ManagementTeam where she had special responsibility for additional topics such asSustainability. In this period, Celina Chew was also a member of the Bayer ChinaCountry Council. In July 2011, Celina Chew took over the position of Country GroupHead for Bayer Group in the North ASEAN Region and Managing Director of BayerThai Co. Ltd, as well as Head of Bayer MaterialScience for North ASEAN Region. Inthis role, she was responsible for Bayer’s operations in Thailand, Vietnam,Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

Celina Chew holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honors) degree from the University ofWestern Australia and a Masters of Laws (Distinction) degree from the University ofHong Kong.